3D Cluster HMI on Renesas R-Car D3 by Altia

Altia Offers Scalability with Code Generation Support for R-Car D3, R-Car M3, R-Car H3

The new Renesas R-Car D3 system-on-chip delivers high-performance graphic capabilities – including a powerful 3D graphics core – and significantly reduced system development cost, which aligns with the BOM cost of a 2D instrument cluster. Altia DeepScreen generates ANSI C code for Renesas R-Car D3 that is optimized to leverage its available on-chip resources, including its 3D graphics capability, thus delivering first-class graphics for entry-level cars. With Altia’s support of the range of R-Car processors – including R-Car H3 and R-Car M3 – automotive developers have the capability to re-use and scale Altia HMI models with 3D across the range of high-end to entry-level cars. To create an HMI for Renesas R-Car, Altia Design, a WYSIWYG user interface editor, pulls together a variety of graphic assets into a single model. Altia DeepScreen then generates production-ready C code that leverages the unique resources available on the selected target to deliver a pleasing user experience for production displays. Altia’s advanced 3D capabilities offer developers incredible control of 3D content, time-saving workflow, a library of common materials that have been optimized for embedded applications, customizable shaders, small memory footprint, and outstanding performance on chip.


  • Develop and deploy custom HMIs without hand-coding
  • Model-based development process for fast iterations and testing
  • Import graphic assets from Photoshop and popular 3D tools like Maya
  • Timeline Animation Editor for easy updates of 2D and 3D content
  • 3D capabilities including material library of common materials, simple workflow, and advanced control of 3D content in Altia editor
  • Complete, customizable shaders – with no GLSL coding required
  • WYSIWYG anti-aliasing allows adjustments for appearance or performance
  • Uses 90% less RAM and 20% less flash than leading Open Source offering
  • Support for global languages
  • Code generation support for vast array of Renesas targets – R-Car D1; R-Car E2; R-Car D3, M3, H3; Synergy™ S5/S7 Series MCUs; RH850/D1L, RH850/D1M; DR4-3D; Dx4-H; RX600; SH7268/9; RZ/A