Advanced Application of Radar and Digital Processing Technology

Renesas Research Paves the Way to Smarter, Safer Vehicles

No single technology will make driving safer. Rather, this is accomplished through careful engineering that utilizes the many tools available to automotive designers.

Radar is proven technology, invisible behind bumpers and body panels, and well tested to be safe. Adding ASIL D control and automotive-grade metal-oxide nitride oxide silicon (MONOS) flash storage presents new opportunities that Renesas is researching. Renesas has developed an advanced Radar Flexible Digital processing approach along with safety-proven RH850 MCU for control.

This demo presents the result of our research and paves the way for new applications for smart and safe radar in production vehicles. A proof point rather than a product announcement, this demo intends to stimulate innovation in safety systems that could save many lives.


MONOS flash technology in 40nm process
Flexible DSP toolkit @320MHz

  • FFTs
  • Angular estimation
  • Windowing
  • Peak search/CFAR
  • Vector operations
  • Pre-target generation

RH850 320 MHz 32-bit CPUs

  • Tracking and classification
  • Judgment processes
  • System control