Connected Cockpit Vehicle by Renesas Electronics and Green Hills Software

Renesas and Green Hills Deliver Safety, Security, and Performance for Platforms Combining Infotainment and eCockpit Functions

Renesas Electronics and Green Hills Software collaborated on an automotive electronics demonstration showcasing the INTEGRITY RTOS and Renesas R-Car H3 for trusted consolidation of multiple eCockpit functions.

Scalable Platform for Consolidating Safety-Critical and Guest OS Applications
The combination of safety-certified INTEGRITY RTOS with the R-Car H3 automotive processor provides a trusted foundation for system designers to build a single scalable platform hosting guest operating systems while concurrently running safety-critical applications.


  • Safely combine Android Oreo with safety-critical functions
  • Freedom from interference is assured by the INTEGRITY RTOS separation architecture, independently certified to the highest levels of safety and security in the world
  • INTEGRITY Multivisor hosts Android Oreo and 3D infotainment applications
  • INTEGRITY runs protected ASIL-critical instrument clusters and gear shift controllers (PRNDL)
  • Shared GPU and OpenGL ES3.1 between cluster and infotainment domains
  • Real-time video cameras made possible by guaranteed resource availability
  • R-Car H3 Salvator-X development board features Quad-core Cortex®-A57, Quad-core Cortex-A72, IMG Gx6650 GPU, and multiple display controllers