Design and Engineering for an Integrated, Seamless Connected Cockpit Experience by NewFoundry

Multi-Disciplinary Team Worked Closely with Renesas to Demonstrate the Possibilities of the Connected Cockpit

NewFoundry has partnered with Renesas Electronics to help realize the Connected Cockpit demonstration. Our team of designers and engineers helped take the project from concept to reality.

The design of the connected cockpit combines best practices in user experience design and GUI development with NewFoundry’s expertise in embedded automotive and consumer-facing application development, resulting in a modern, clean, and concise HMI.

The cloud-based Visitor Application suite captures individual driver preferences prior to experiencing the Connected Cockpit vehicle. It begins with the Registration Kiosk Application designed and engineered by NewFoundry and running on Android. The Kiosk employs computer vision algorithms to locate the registrant’s face, capture and process face images, and subsequently train a recognition model to be used for in-vehicle facial recognition. NewFoundry integrated the facial recognition technology within the vehicle, enabling the registration data to identify the driver and apply preferences recorded during registration.

The Vehicle Supervisor Application integrates with the vehicle network to provide full visualization of performance, multimedia, Software-Defined Radio functionality, Ethernet camera feed monitoring, and the facial recognition system. Driven by Android on the R-Car H3, the application runs seamlessly on the tablets in the rear of the vehicle. The application also provides an overview of the features of the Connected Cockpit and highlights the contributions of each partner company.

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  • Visitor Application, including Registration Kiosk and integration of facial recognition technology within the vehicle
  • Vehicle Supervisor Application viewable from the outside rear screens and in-vehicle tablets
  • Cinemo multimedia integration
  • Ethernet camera streaming and multicasting
  • Custom HMI for cluster, centerstack, and applications