Experience Future-Proof Solutions for Autonomous Driving with the Renesas autonomy™ Fleet

Conceived as an open laboratory for our automotive customers and partners, the Renesas automony™ Fleet is accelerating the development of safe, integrated, and secure solutions that extend beyond silicon.

We invite you to experience the robust, open, and extensible solutions for
autonomous driving developed by Renesas automotive technology experts and our extensive network of industry partners, including:

  • Low-power, cost-optimized solutions for computer vision and machine learning.
  • Recent advances in overcoming the challenges of fail operability, low-cost sensing, and cyber security.

By leveraging the industry’s deepest bench of industry and engineering expertise, we deliver comprehensive advanced and autonomous driving solutions that are ready for the road ahead.


The Renesas autonomy Lincoln MKZ features:

  • Low-cost sensing architecture
  • Low-cost and low-power processing for 9 cameras for detection of pedestrians, free space, traffic lights, lanes, parking spaces, and vehicles
  • Fail-operational architecture tolerant against camera and processor faults
  • Cyber-secure OTA updates of HD maps


The Renesas autonomy Cadillac SRX features:

  • Low-cost and low-power processing for NCAP 2020 front camera
  • Production-grade HD mapping solution
  • ISO 26262-compliant OS and sensor framework solution
  • Scalable surround view from low-cost to high-end
  • Connected Vision with vehicle-to-vehicle video feeds through a DSRC link