Flexible ADAS Software Solutions by HELLA Aglaia

Portable Software Solutions Offer Freedom of Choice for a Variety of Applications

As an experienced Tier 2 supplier of field-proven camera software for level 2 (partial automation) and level 3 (conditional automation), HELLA Aglaia delivers software that is flexible and portable and can be combined with Tier 1 or OEM software IP to allow customers to focus on creating their unique selling points.

The software is scalable from low-cost NCAP to level 3 automated driving.


  • Only field-proven ADAS software-only solution on the market
  • Scalability by support for entry camera, NCAP camera, domain controller, and infotainment system deployments on identical software platform
  • Deep learning for highly automated driving functions (SOP 2020)
  • ADAS testing and integration as a service