Infotainment and ADAS Solutions Based on R-Car H3 by BlackBerry QNX

Advanced Applications Take Full Advantage of Powerful Computing Capabilities to Improve Driver Experience

QNX® CAR Platform for Infotainment and QNX Reference Cluster on Renesas R-Car H3


Graphics and feature-rich infotainment

  • Built with the highly secure QNX Neutrino® OS
  • Full-featured multimedia suite for multi-format audio and video playback
  • Optimized Blink-based browser designed for high performance and low memory footprint
  • Speech and natural language-understanding framework removes vendor lock-in and easily extends voice control to new domains
  • HERE maps with support for panning and in/out zooming
  • Smartphone connectivity via leading automotive industry protocols

Full-digital instrument cluster

  • Built with QNX OS, certified to the highest level of functional safety
  • OpenGL® ES example cluster application showcases rich, fluid graphics

QNX® Platform for ADAS Surround View and Sensor Hub Reference Implementation for the Renesas R-Car H3


  • Multi-camera framework manages highspeed, low-latency synchronous capture from four cameras
  • Sensor hub performs perspective correction and de-warping of fisheye camera lenses
  • Rear-view and birds-eye view perspectives displayed for visualization