LeddarCore LCA3 Demo Using R-Car V3M Renesas Processor by LeddarTech

Optical Detection and Ranging for Semi- and Fully Autonomous Driving Application

LeddarTech’s LeddarCore is the world’s first lidar integrated circuit (IC), which enables rapid, high-volume deployment of solid-state 3D lidars that meet the automotive industry’s stringent performance, cost, and reliability requirements. LeddarCore integrates a powerful, proven, patented lidar technology into low-cost ICs. LeddarCore ICs are supplied to Tier-1 manufacturers for the mass production of various customized solid-state lidar configurations, which are deployed by automotive OEMs for semi- and fully autonomous driving applications in production vehicles.

The large amount of data and high sampling rate generated by the LeddarCore IC to support self-driving applications require powerful, rapid processing capabilities, which are provided by the R-Car V3M from the Renesas autonomyplatform. The R-Car V3M is designed for lidar technologies, providing high-performance computer vision, low power consumption, and high functional safety.

Dedicated to automotive applications, the R-Car V3M is ISO 26262 certified. The processor generates tremendous processing power from its architecture that includes two CPU ARM® Cortex®-A53, a dual lockstep ARM® Cortex®-R7, as well as IMP-X5+ and CNN specialized hardware blocks to accelerate computer vision and deep learning algorithms. The R-Car V3M architecture reduces the need for external components and keeps the bill-of-material to a minimum, still offering high performance and ensuring safety at all times.


High-Performance Leddar Signal Processing Library

  • Full automation
  • Front collision avoidance, traffic jam assist, cross traffic
  • Blind spot detection, parking assist, lane keep assist

High R-Car V3M processor, leftover performance to run additional algorithms

  • Object detection
  • Classification


LeddarTech LeddarCore IC

  • Long-range 2D and 3D solid-state lidar IC
  • Suited for automation levels 2 to 5
  • Wide field of view, up to 120°
  • Up to 480,000 points / sec, frame of 16384 pixels at 30 Hz
  • Ideal for medium-class automotive computing systems
  • Compliant with ISO 26262

Renesas R-Car V3M processors

  • Optimized functions and performance supports a wide range of applications
  • Availability of SIP modules with external memory
  • Two 800-MHz ARM® Cortex®-A53 cores
  • Dual lockstep 800-MHz ARM Cortex-R7 core
  • Memory controller for DDR3L-1600 with 32 bits
  • Image recognition engine (IMP-X5+)
  • Image signal processor (ISP)
  • Low latency video encoder
  • Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)