Live Object Detection Demonstration Using R-Car H3 by AutonomouStuff

One of Many Platform Options Offered to Take Your Driverless Efforts to the Next Level

AutonomouStuff is the industry’s leader in providing customizable Automated Research Development Platforms used for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), advanced algorithm development, and automated driving initiatives. The platforms have revolutionized the future of mobility and offer a safe, reliable, and robust way for researchers to get up and running on day one. AutonomouStuff’s solution runs on the innovative Renesas R-Car H3, which is a safety-rated, ISO26262-compliant ADAS

Lidar Object Processing (LOP) modular software utilizes the team’s extensive expertise and smartly applies it to relevant sensor applications. AutonomouStuff engineers have optimized these algorithms
to be completely independent of the middleware and connected lidar hardware. This means that you can apply this code to virtually any lidar hardware with minimal optimization. The LOP software module provides ground segmentation and object tracking.

AutonomouStuff’s fleet of Automated Research Development Platforms provides a safe, reliable, and robust way to take your driverless efforts to the next level. Their team of engineers are experts at constructing the perfect combination of sensors and software based on your needs.


  • Renesas R-Car H3
  • AStuff Spectra
  • Velodyne VLP16
  • NovAtel GPS Antenna and Receiver
  • Ibeo Scala
  • Kvaser Can Converter
  • Delphi ESR and SRR2
  • Ultrasonic Sensor System
  • High-Sensitivity Camera