Navigation for the Connected Future by NNG

Simplified HMI for a Better In-Car User Experience

At NNG, we believe that infotainment systems should be simplified and focused on ease of use. The HMI must take a less-is-more approach. Partially and fully automated solutions of the future will allow the removal of many unnecessary button and visual elements from the screen while simplifying the use of connected features.

NNG is a global automotive software supplier aiming to provide the best in-car experience for all. The company focuses on delivering solutions with exceptional value for the connected navigation, cybersecurity, and user experience markets.
NNG is primarily known for its iGO Navigation software, with the majority of its work used in white-label products for major car companies, including Ford, Renault, and Mazda. NNG’s navigation is currently installed on more than 30 million devices worldwide, in 30+ car brands.
NNG has local presence on all continents, ensuring highly localized solutions and aggregation of the best content available for each market.
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  • Hybrid navigation
  • Customizable UI and workflow
  • Connectivity and smartphone integration
  • Globally-local solutions with more than 150 country-specific features
  • Customizable update methods
  • Profile integration
  • Sensor and probe data collection
  • Dynamic data integration
  • Connected service aggregation and integration
  • Predictive engine