Open-Source Xen Virtualization Solution Using Renesas R-Car Gen3 by EPAM

Hypervisor-Based Cloud Services Enablement for Vehicles

As we come closer to deploying connected cars on our roads, we need to consider how mission-critical safety software and the Internet of Cars will operate within the car ecosystem. Integration with the cloud is essential to the Internet of Cars ecosystem and shared economy model. Service vendors should own the end-to-end service software stack, including the software that is executed in the vehicle. We believe the in-vehicle service deployments and upgrades should operate completely independently from the car OEM development lifecycle, which is why EPAM’s approach allows software providers to develop these services without requiring any special knowledge of the vehicle’s manufacture-specific embedded software. Currently, software providers don’t have the ability to update or deploy in-vehicle services as only the car OEM can implement updates. In our model, car OEMs still retain complete control over the software via the on-board computer, giving software developers only tightly controlled access to certain in-vehicle functions.


  • Type 1 (bare metal) hypervisor
  • Flexible virtualization modes
  • Driver disaggregation
  • Strong security model
  • ARMv7 and ARMv8 support for CPUs with VE
  • Open source (Linux Foundation project)
  • Compact code snapshot on ARM
  • Mature since 2003 in general computing
  • EPAM is driving Embedded/Automotive Xen