Panoramic Canvas for Connected, Cooperative, and Automated Mobility Services with AWS on R-Car H3

Predictive-Safety Drive Solution via Edge and Cloud Computing

The Panoramic Canvas demo showcases the powerful computing performance of R-Car H3 and leverages it to interface with cloud connections, AWS services, and other features. R-Car Gen3 devices run Greengrass in combination with AWS IoT for predicted-safety ADAS use cases. Fortinet’s network security fabric running on R-Car Gen3 provides integrated, automated security for connected cars using cloud-based services.Cameras are employed to carry out facial recognition for driver monitoring using edge computing. Gesture controls provide a new user experience. To solve the issue of constant network connection requirements, unique HW IP arbitrates between cloud and edge computing. Renesas provides end-to-end solutions for the world of personal mobility with an emphasis on edge computing to provide enhanced safety.


  • Intuitive interaction with AWS connected service, automotive oriented
  • Driver monitoring, edge computing power with camera and sensor devices
  • NEW gesturing UI for your AI assistant
  • Security solution with Fortinet adapted to the connected cars