RazorMotion Powered by MotionWise by TTTech

Take the Fast Lane to Automated Driving with our Modular Solution

TTTech Computertechnik AG is the technology leader in robust networked safety controls. TTTech Automotive has long-term expertise in developing and building complex and safety-relevant electronic control units and uses this experience for high-performance ADAS and autonomous drive applications.

RazorMotion is a highly automated driving platform designed for application development and evaluation of advanced driver assistance systems.

The combination of two Renesas R-Car H3 SoCs and the Renesas RH850P/1H-C MCU is the perfect mix of processing power and automotive microcontroller resources to target the automated driving era. The ARM® Cortex®-A57 (quad) and A53 (quad) cores of the R-Car H3, together with its real-time image recognition processor (IMP-X5) and PowerVR GX6650 GPU, provide the computing power to handle the input from up to 12 camera interfaces.

The centerpiece of TTTech’s highly efficient solution is the seriesproven software framework MotionWise. This embedded platform software is ready to be integrated in complex safety-related multi-core multi-SoCs used for automated driving.

The MotionWise architecture eases integration and validation of applications by performing a separation of the available resources. Each application hosted by MotionWise will run encapsulated from its peers, resulting in a safe environment where applications with different safety and real-time requirements can coexist and interact. MotionWise offers a comprehensive set of system and integration services, providing a homogeneous platform out of SoCs of different safety or performance classes.

MotionWise is available in two variants, supporting different levels of automated driving. The field-tested features and properties of MotionWise 1.0 support automated driving up to level 3 and are ready for series production. MotionWise 2.0 is prepared to bring automated driving up to levels 4 and 5 on the road and fully supports Adaptive AUTOSAR as well as many more highly efficient features.


  • Faster time to market
  • Safe and scalable platform up to automated driving level 5
  • Integration of software components by any vendor
  • Full support of adaptive AUTOSAR
  • Premium engineering services available