Renesas Automotive Cyber-Security Demo

Enable Secure Authenticated Communication with Renesas Automotive ICU Security Solutions

In the future of autonomous driving and highly connected applications, robust security measures are essential to ensure that vehicles are protected from unauthorized access and manipulation. A layered security approach is required, starting with securing firmware and cryptographic data. With trusted firmware established, we must next secure communication within the vehicle, both within and across vehicle networks. Finally, vehicle to backend IT communication and data must also be secured.

The Renesas security demonstration shows our Renesas autonomyTM vehicle represented by the remote control car. Inside the car are several ECUs communicating critical control data over CAN. As the vehicle drives around the test track, our decision module sends drive and steering control messages over CAN to the powertrain control module. We simulate a remote attack in which a compromised infotainment module masquerades as the cognitive controller, sending out spoofed drive and steering control messages on the infotainment network. Without proper message firewalling, the messages are relayed by the vehicle gateway onto the powertrain network, and vehicle control is compromised. Demonstrated countermeasures include enabling message firewalling in the gateway and adding message authentication (CMAC) on powertrain control messages. To prevent replay of authentic messages, a rolling anti-replay counter is also added to the messages. This ensures that only messages from an authentic sender will be accepted and acted upon by the vehicle.

Renesas provides a full security solution across its automotive family of devices, including the RH850 family of MCUs and R-Car SoC solutions. RH850 MCUs integrate hardware security modules, either as finite state machines (ICU-S) or as standalone coprocessors (ICU-M). The ICU (Intelligent Cryptographic Unit) solutions support data encryption, authentication, random number generation, secure key storage, and other features to address mission-critical security requirements in vehicle systems. Renesas additionally provides software security solutions in the form of ICU-S drivers, as well as complete security firmware for the ICU-M, to complement the hardware security features. The R-Car ARM SoC family supports the ARM TrustZone architecture, as well as dedicated cryptographic coprocessors for hardware acceleration and data protection.