Renesas autonomyTM meets Shakespeare’s Smart and Connected City

In 2016 Renesas Electronics selected the city of Stratford, Ontario, Canada (sister city to Willam Shakespeare’s birth city in the UK) to develop the first chapter of it’s self-driving car development program. Renesas autonomyTM has a target to demonstrate engineering accomplishments at CES each year thereafter. A team of scientists and engineers were assembled from University of Waterloo and BlackBerry QNX in nearby Ottawa and Waterloo.

Situated in an overlapping tech and automotive corridor this North American site provided a unique combination of small and large economies, international trade boundaries and automotive engineering talent on hand. The city is mostly famous for hosting one million visitors each year to its world class theatre program during the summer festival. As cities evolve along with car development increasing in automation, Stratford is determined to also establish itself as a tech and cultural center to welcome the next generation of innovation and entertainment that millennials expect.