Renesas Battery Management and High-Power DC-DC Reference Designs

Accelerate System Development for BMS and Power Solutions

Renesas offers reference designs for complete battery management systems and high-power bidirectional DC-DC solutions. These products provide fast system-level assessment and prototyping, with associated reductions in time to market and development risk. Built around the RH850 microcontroller and ISL78714 battery management IC, the battery management reference design includes all the features needed to control a high voltage or 48V battery and associated functions. The DC-DC reference design uses Intersil’s ISL78226 and provided bidirectional 12V to 48V power conversion at up to 3.75kW.

Industry-leading cell measurement accuracy and power conversion efficiency – enabling the next generation of vehicle electrification


  • 6-phase bidirectional synchronous controller
  • Voltage and current regulation
  • 2% current monitor gain accuracy from 0 to full load
  • Supply and clock redundancy for functional safety
  • PMBus for status monitoring and fault response control
  • Dual-output Flyback controller
  • 200mA adjustable output linear regulator
  • Master/slave architecture supports up to 4 ICs in parallel


  • 14 channel battery management IC
  • Cell voltage measurement accuracy ±2.0mV
  • ASIL-C coverage for cell voltage and temperature measurements
  • 2 x GPIO and 4 x temp sensor inputs
  • Low-power, high-security daisy chain communications
    – Capacitor or transformer coupling
    – 10mA typical supply current
    – 16b and 32b CRC coverage


  • 1 to 2MB code flash, with up to 192KB RAM
  • 160MHz core with lockstep checker core
  • Robust safety features targeting ISO 26262 ASIL D applications
  • Automotive temperature (Tjmax 150degC)
  • Single voltage supply (3.0v – 5.5v)
  • QFP100 or QFP144


  • EV/HEV traction batteries
  • EV battery systems
  • 48V battery systems