Renesas R-Car V3M Starter Kit

Open Development Solution Based on R-Car V3M

The Renesas R-Car V3M Starter Kit targets NCAP front camera applications and can also be used for surround view and lidars. It is part of the innovative, trusted, and open Renesas autonomyTM Platform, supported with tools and software from Renesas and partners. The Starter Kit can be extended via the 440-pin expansion port for a wide range of automotive applications.

The R-Car V3M has several computer vision IPs, including an innovative CNN hardware accelerator for high-performance, power-efficient execution of convolutional neural networks, which are utilized increasingly for stereo vision and image classification.


V3M Starter Kit

  • Linux BSP
  • Middleware and tools by Renesas and partners
  • Extensible via extension connector


Revolutionary IP Integration

  • Dedicated hardware accelerator for convolutional neural networks
  • Flexible support for neural networks by programmable CV engine
  • High performance, high flexibility, low power