Renesas Structured Framework for Security Analysis

Achieving the Stringent Requirements of Automotive Security

The increasing technology and complexity of today’s automotive vehicles is leading to a large attack surface, enabling hackers to manipulate various vehicle functions. The new ISO 21434 Automotive Cybersecurity Engineering standard (due for release in 2019) sets the expected requirements for Security Risk Analysis of automotive systems and components and the management of the Security Life Cycle.

By utilizing industry-aligned Risk Analysis systems along with the internal security competence, Renesas’ Sec-CAR provides a structured framework for completing security analysis of an automotive system.


  • Structured security analysis
  • Security mechanism selection
  • Problem solving and countermeasure solution comparison
  • Tailored security solution
  • Security requirements definition
  • State-of-the-art calculation methods
  • Prioritized database based on risk potentials
  • Domain-driven approach with automotive use-case database
  • User experience adaptable approach

Automatic alignment to upcoming security standard (ISO/SAE 21434)

  • Structured security approach
  • Creation of required work products

Maintained Database of use cases with associated outline diagrams

  • Pre-defined starting base of use case with supporting network diagrams to allow identification of potential attacks and motivations

Maintained Threat Database

  • Instant access to pre-generated threats across automotive network domains, allowing for quick system analysis
  • Thought-provoking attacks, motivations which should be analyzed after relevant selection
  • Threat Database maintained as threats are discovered, allowing for instant recheck of security strength

Instant evaluation

  • Capability to trial several security mechanisms to evaluate protection strength
  • Compatibility to approaches such as EVITA, RSMA, and STRIDE