Surround View with R-Car Starter Kit and OpenCL/GPGPU on R-Car H3

Turn the R-Car Starter Kit into an Optimal Cockpit and ADAS Development Environment with the Kingfisher Expansion Board

Experience the high graphics performance and scalability of the R-Car starter kit with the R-Car surround view demonstration.

This demonstration runs Cogent Embedded’s surround view application using the R-Car Starter Kit Premier and Kingfisher Expansion Board, option boards that can connect up to eight cameras, and the free OpenCL Library. With the OpenCL library of R-Car, it is possible to execute OpenGL (3D graphics) and OpenCL (image recognition) at the same time, and to do so in a wide range of applications, including ADAS and cockpit. It is open source, enabling developers to quickly construct and evaluate work products within the same environment.


360 degree 3D surround view solution

  • Low power distortion correction using R-Car built-in GPU
  • Real-time perspective conversion
  • High accuracy pedestrian recognition using OpenCL
  • Advanced customization and easy calibration