User Interface Development Software by Altia

Get Amazing GUIs on the Widest Array of Renesas Hardware

Altia is a software company specializing in graphical user interface (GUI) development software and engineering services for embedded displays.

The Altia tool chain includes a GUI Editor, Altia Design, and graphics code generator, Altia DeepScreen. Altia supports the range of low-end processors to high-end 3D systems from Renesas – including R-Car D, R-Car E, R-Car M, R-Car H, Synergy™ S5/S7 Series MCUs, RH850/D1L, RH850/D1M, DR4-3D, Dx4-H, RX600, SH7268/9, and RZ/A.

With an integrated and easy-to-use 3D design flow, global language support, and quality initiatives for ASPICE, MISRA, and ISO 26262, Altia is a clear choice for developing safe and innovative displays. Automotive, medical, consumer, and industrial companies use Altia to deliver custom graphics for production devices.

Altia also helps automotive manufacturers develop functionally safe embedded GUIs. Altia is proud to deliver production-proven software along with the ISO 26262 expertise our customers depend on to deliver safety-critical GUI programs.

See Altia-generated graphics featured in the Renesas Connected Cockpit Vehicle demo on R-Car H3.


  • Develop and deploy custom GUIs without hand coding
  • Model-based development process for fast iterations and testing
  • Advanced 3D capabilities
  • Support for global languages
  • Graphics code optimized to leverage all on-chip resources
  • Works with any OS or no OS at all
  • Leading tool for GUI development
  • Reduced engineering time (average 50%)


  • Integrate assets from all popular design tools – including any 3D tool
  • Create complete, custom GUI model in Altia Design for testing and validation
  • Generate ANSI C code that is optimized to leverage all assets on selected hardware
  • Supports a vast array of low- to high-power Renesas hardware